Filled Goody Bags

Get a Filled Goody Bag in the mail

Get something fun in the mail instead of bills.

  • Order single goody bags or monthly subscription.

Goody Bag Contents vary and can include things like;
~ Cosmetics ~Skin Care ~Candles ~Perfume/Cologne ~Stationary ~Accessories ~Jewelry ~Home Wares ~Pens ~Gadgets ~Trinkets and many more items

Each goody bag is different and size of items can vary from samples, trial sizes to even full-sized items.

A) Single Goody Bag is $10
B) 6 Month Subscription is $60
C) 12 Month Subscription is $100
Ordering is easy! Send PayPal payment as Goods/Services to and send us your mailing address through the form on this page.
Filled Gift Bag


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